About Us

Leeds Print Workshop is a Co-operative membership-based printmaking studio at Patrick Studios in central Leeds.

We provide facilities for a wide range of traditional printmaking processes and we aim to develop a supportive community of artists and printmakers. As well as providing facilities for our members, we also run a wide range of workshops and courses in different processes for members of the public.

Our Vision

To provide printmaking facilities for people in Leeds and surrounding areas.

To establish and maintain a vibrant, supportive and sustainable printmaking community.

Our Mission

To provide affordable printmaking facilities to workshop members

To create collaborative opportunities to share skills, ideas and expertise

To promote and develop safe printmaking processes with consideration for the environment

Our Values

As a co-operative, we value democracy, equality, and solidarity. We act with concern for our community and work for its sustainable development through the collaborative nature of printmaking.

The society will also aspire to act co-operatively and abide by the co-operative values and principles as defined by the International Co-operative Alliance.