Equality & Diversity Policy

Leeds Print Workshop is a Cooperative Society which provides membership based access to a range of printmaking facilities. The workshop also runs regular workshops and courses in various printmaking processes to bring new people to the medium.

Our vision:
To provide printmaking facilities for people in Leeds and surrounding areas.
To establish and maintain a vibrant, supportive and sustainable printmaking community.

Our Mission:
To provide affordable printmaking facilities to workshop members
To create collaborative opportunities to share skills, ideas and expertise
To promote and develop safe printmaking processes with consideration for the environment.

Our values:
As a co-operative, we value democracy, equality, and solidarity. We act with concern for our community and work for its sustainable development through the collaborative nature of printmaking. The society will also aspire to act cooperatively and abide by the cooperative values and principles as defined by the International Cooperative Alliance.


    1. General Statement of Policy

      Leeds Print Workshop is committed to offering equality of opportunity and ensuring that people are not discriminated against. The Cooperative seeks to ensure that everyone is treated justly, regardless of age, disability, economic status, pregnancy, marital status or civil partnership, race, ethnicity or nationality, religion or belief, gender, transgender or sexual orientation.
      The Cooperative will make all members, staff, tutors, volunteers, partners and visitors aware of this commitment.
    2. Equality and Diversity and the Law

      The Equality Act 2010 means that, by law, organisations are required to ensure equal treatment in access to employment as well as private and public services, regardless of the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, race, religion or belief, sex, pregnancy, and sexual orientation. In the case of disability, organisations are under a duty to make reasonable adjustments to their workplaces to overcome barriers experienced by disabled people.

      Equality and Diversity in Practice
      Leeds Print Workshop offers memberships to anyone over the age of 16 (see Health and Safety Policy) who have some previous experience of printmaking. LPW does not discriminate against any individual who wishes to become a member and encourages applications from a diverse range of people.
      Taught workshops for beginners are available to people wanting to learn printmaking skills to make them eligible for membership. The Cooperative offers a range of workshops and courses to members and non-members and aims to encourage equality of opportunity by making the activities available to anyone who wishes to learn skills in printmaking.
      Leeds Print Workshop is based in a basement studio at Patrick Studios, a bespoke venue for artists operated by East Street Arts. It is fully wheelchair accessible, with a lift, larger than standard doors and accessible toilet facilities on every floor. We recognise that everybody’s accessibility needs may differ, therefore we encourage members and visitors to discuss their requirements with us so we can endeavour to make reasonable adjustments. There is one dedicated blue badge parking space nearby which is available on a first come first served basis.
  1. Responsibility

    The overall responsibility for implementing the Equality and Diversity policy lies with the management committee who have a responsibility to ensure:
  • The policy is understood and implemented
  • Their behaviour at all times takes into account the sensibilities of others
  • Everyone is treated with respect and dignity
  • Behaviour in breach of the Equality and Diversity Policy is challenged
  • Any agreed Equality and Diversity actions are implemented
  • The policy is reviewed annually and any agreed changes are madeAll cooperative and workshop members have a responsibility to ensure that no member, staff, volunteer, workshop user, course participant or visitor are treated unfairly or discriminated against. Cooperative and workshop members have a duty to report any instances of inequality of opportunity or discrimination to the Management Committee.
  1. Consultation

    Leeds Print Workshop is committed to effective consultation with staff, volunteers and members on matters relating to equality and diversity. Any individual may approach a member of the Management Committee on any matter that gives them cause for concern, who shall act on any guidance given and discuss changes or decisions at Committee Meetings.
  2. MonitoringLPW is committed to regularly monitoring and improving the diversity of the people who become members and attend workshops. To help with this process, workshop attendee forms are given to participants to complete which include information on their age bracket and postcode area. This helps the Cooperative to target particular groups who are underrepresented.
  1. Complaints Procedure
  • Any member, potential member, volunteer, workshop participant or visitor may raise, either informally or formally, complaints of unfair and/or discriminatory treatment.  The Management Committee will deal with all complaints fully and sensitively.
  • The Management Committee have a duty to discuss such complaints at regular meetings and to respond and act upon the complaint as appropriate and in a timely manner.


Date policy created: 10/09/2017

Policy last reviewed: 10/11/2023

Date policy due for review: November 2024